The chairman's wife (Mrs. Martha Ntuny) Cutting the tape for the opening of the National Mission House in Italy.

The Italy National Mission House

The Church in Italy

National Convention in Brescia, Italy in 1993

Apostle Dr. S. K. Baidoo (Int. Miss. Director)

Easter Conventinon 2006 in Kirchheim, Germany

From middle. Apostle Dr. M. K. Ntumy (Chairman-COP) right. Apostle Dr. S. K. Baidoo (I. M .D) lift. Apostle Dr. E. O. Bediako
(Nat. Head Germany)

The Chairman COP. (Apostle Dr. M. K. Ntumy) Dedicating Church /office premise and National Mission House in Hamburg-Germany

The newly acquire church and office premise in Germany

National Mission House in Germany

Dedication Day in Germany

Our Fathers

Our Mothers

(I. M. D. ) Apostle Dr. S. K. Bbaidoo & wife visit Germany in 2005

COP. Tripoli