Cape Verde


In 1997 the vision of opening the church in Cape Verde islands was caught by Apostle Ofori Yeboah- then National Head ,The Gambia; Elder James Etrue was sent for a feasibility studies. In 26th October 2003  the International Missions sent Pastor Yaw Annor Adjei- National Head, Senegal for nine days. The church commenced with nine Ghanaians. His visit was followed by Pastor David Blankson of Senegal  for one month. In January 27th, 2004, Pastor Daniel Kodjoe Sey a missionary in the Gambia was sent by the international missions to oversee the church. The IMD ordained two elders and a deaconess during his visit on the 4th April 2004. The International Executives finally sent Pastor  and Mrs.D. K. Sey to Head the church. The  church has presently membership of 150


  1. Pastor Daniel Kodjoe Sey – National Head ( First National Head)

Mrs. Rebecca Adjoa Sey – Wife

  1. A Igreja De Pentecoste, C.P. 388/c Fazenda , Praia, Cabo Verde

E-mail :

      3.    Number of Pastors                     ( 1 )

             Number of Assemblies                          ( 3 ) 

             Names of Assemblies               Fazenda, Pensamento, St. Francisco

Number of District                      ( 1 )


      4. Current Executive Members: Pastor Daniel Kodjoe Sey                -National Head

                                                    Elder Alexander Nkrumah      -National Deacon

                                                    Mrs Hellen Oguwah               -National Secretary

                                                    Deaconess Faustina Nrkumah –National Womens Leader

                                                    Brother Akwesi Addo                        -National protocol Officer

                                                    Elder Anthony Opoku                        - Member

                                                    Elder  Isaac Dwumaah           - Member


6.       Projection for the Next Five Years:  1. Opening of Five Districts

                                                          2. Increase membership to 1500

                                                      3. Increase tithe and offering by 300%

4. Construction of National Mission House and         

Headoffice complex

 National Itinerary for the year:


JANUARY  5TH                                      NATIONAL PRESBYTERY/OFFICERS MEETING

 JANUARY  9TH -13TH                              NATIONAL PRAYER & FASTING RETREAT

 JANUARY 18TH -26TH                             GOSPEL RALLY ( SANTIAGO)

 FEBRUARY 12TH                                   SPECIAL OFFERING DAY

 MARCH 6TH-12TH                                    OFFICERS RETREAT

 MARCH  14TH -17TH                                GOSPEL  RALLY

 MARCH  30TH – 31ST                              NATIONAL RETREAT

 APRIL  13TH - 17TH                                 EASTER CONVENTION

 APRIL 27TH -  28TH                                 GOSPEL RALLY

 MAY 8TH -10TH                                       HEADS MEETINGS (PUC)

 MAY 11TH – 13TH                                    GENERAL COUNCIL (PUC)

 MAY 15TH -19TH                                     WOMENS WEEK

 JUNE 9TH- 11TH                                      SPECIAL PROGRAMME(SAO FRANCISCO)

 JULY 7TH -9TH                                        SPECIAL PROGRAMME(PENSAMENTO)

 SEPTEMBER 8TH -10TH                          CHILDRENS  WEEK

 SEPTEMBER 18TH -24TH                        GOSPEL CRUSADE (SAO VINCENTE)

 OCTOBER 16TH 22ND                              GOSPEL RALLY (BOA VISTA)

 OCTOBER 24TH -27TH                             OFFICERS TRAINING SESSION

 NOVEMBER 23RD -25TH                          NATIONAL RETREAT

 DECEMBER 14TH -17TH                          CHRISTMAS CONVENTION

 DECEMBER 31ST                                   NIGHT VIGIL




 Spectacular Events: 1. Brother Michael Austin and Sister Eileen who have been married for eight years without a child were blessed with a baby boy and dedicated to the lord.

2. Sister Chika who has been suffering from asthma for twenty-five years and was living on inhalers has been healed to the glory of God.

3. Asthma for twenty years also received her healing at the Christmas convention and this led to the conversion of one hundred and fifty souls and opening of an assembly in the area. The authorities in the area gave the church a free hall for her activities.


Prayer Request: : That the Lord will grant us members who will take up leadership positions in the church. That the wave of immorality, homicides and drunkenness will be curbed in the nation